Heading South

As soon as I purchased the ticket, a wave of emotions overcame me and then questions starting popping until it all settled. I’m going back to Colombia. Back, because I spent the first nine years of my life there, and have sporadically visited family over the years and even stopping off on the coastal city of Cartagena while working as a translator on a cruise ship.

But the real question is how I ended up in here. I went from being a college graduate, to working for an orange cat (Garfield), deferring acceptance to a great graduate program, shipping out on a cruise ship, going back to the cat, deciding to forgo the graduate program, to going back to a city and country where I grew up. I believe in blessings in disguise, but this has been a roller coaster of a trajectory, and I’m still not in Colombia yet.

Taking my love of travel and heading to Colombia to try to live brings plenty of uncertainties that will come up throughout the blog. Am I Colombian enough? Too Americanized…or not enough? How do I take what I’ve learned about Colombia’s history, conflict, culture, etc. and apply it? One thing is for sure: I’ll be seeing things from a new perspective and hope to share the places, people, and issues of the country with those who read.

Taking everything from my previous blog, http://abaracal.blogspot.com/ , I’ve started with WordPress and hope you’ll take a gander.

14 days and counting


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