Colombianitis (n): (koh-lom-bia-nee-tees) condition in which an individual has a sudden desire to be in the northern most South American county or to partake in Colombia-related activities. Colombianitis can be contagious and may be acquired through harsh winters or situations that conjure sentiments common to said geographical region such as holidays or other special celebrations. Though probably incurable, Colombianitis can be abated by engaging in activities that remind the individual of this country; not exclusive but including a good rumba, consuming Colombian food, watching Sábados Felices, or conversing with others familiar with the condition.

Compliments of Peter Nguyen in Cartagena, Colombi


6 thoughts on “Colombianitis

  1. Doctor’s Prescription:
    Rx: Take 1Trip with Friends At least 1x/year (or more frequently if needed)

    Note: Avoid multiple exposure as addiction is a serious and incurable

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