Buses and walking

Edited version
One week after my arrival, and it´s become sadly evident that I may be the only Colombian who cannot properly get around the city; though I´m not including taxis in this context. There are the TransMilenio and the SITP (Integrated Public Transportation System), which will eventually be the only form of public transportation, and then los buses, las busetas, and colectivos, which have existed for decades in the city. The last three forms of transportation run with signs highlighting the roads or towns that are taken. Their convenience lies in their unspecified stops, thus allowing riders to hop on as needed and to hop off when close to their destination.

My inconvenience? Not completely understanding all of the destinations.  Nevertheless, I’ve chosen to follow the saying, ¨Preguntando se llega a Roma¨ (Asking you get to), derived from the fact that most roads used to lead to Ancient Rome. The benefit? Meeting people and getting lost.

As a side note, I am partial to thinking that things on foot tend to be better. It has been entertaining enough to allow me to see this last Friday…


and on Tuesday see the end product:


Urban art in all of Bogota has exploded, covering public space from North to South and entertaining the eyes of passersby. While perhaps not all of Bogota is receptive to this kind of visual art, I think the themes expressed represent important aspects of the culture and are a way of reviving certain areas.

I’ll happily appreciate the transport learning curve if it allows me to see some more of these pieces. In the meantime, take a look http://urbanbogota.com/category/conceptuales/


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