On Friday

Lately, I have been fighting the urge to hand out my CV to any man dressed in a suit around Bogotá’s downtown and International Center. This should not be a correlation of my deep need to kick unemployment goodbye, but rather of the amount of well-dressed men in the city.

So on a Friday afternoon when I have finished delivering CVs (not to random strangers) I make my way down the all-pedestrian Carrera 7a, from the Plaza de Bolivar where tourists take bike tours and kids listen to puppet shows, through  small cobble-stoned streets, and stop for music. Bands of traditional Colombian music play for excited crowds who gather to enjoy, its sounds are soon replaced as I make my way down the street by those of a man singing tango and then again by songs emitted from stores and restaurants. The energy reverberating is exciting and my restlessness settles.



Stopping for lunch at Naturalmente, a vegan restaurant in the international center and a place I’ve frequented a lot since arriving, I enjoy the daily changing meal for the equivalent of approximately $4 (soup, main dish, fruit, juice, and dessert) and then make my way to the Museo Nacional (National Museum). The entrance is free until the end of the year and the exhibitions include collections from the pre-colonial period to those highlighting the cultural traditions of various regions in Colombia.

The music, art, and the museum exhibits make me want to take a bus and head to other parts of the country, but with all of the things I’ve yet to explore here, I’ll remain patient.


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