As mentioned in a previous post, the number of markets and fresh produce in Colombia´s capital is enough to keep one busy for days, if not weeks, in a heaven of diverse foods and flavors. That said, not all local restaurants honor the variety of vegetables available and though my heart pounds with love for my carnivorous friends, my palate loves an entirely vegetarian meal.

Being vegetarian in Colombia would seem easy, but in my experience, it tends to receive a candid concern for protein consumption even though the popularity of vegetarian restaurants has increased within the past decade in Bogotá.



This is where Naturalmente comes in: an entirely vegan/vegetarian restaurant run by Mr. Omar Fernando Ibarra that uses organic seasonal produce to create delectable balanced dishes. Located in the middle of the international center, it´s a place where strangers have shared tables for chance to obtain this daily delight since 2004.

Having previously worked for Oma, Colombia´s first coffee shop franchise, Mr. Omar, a vegan himself, decided to open Naturalmente as a way of offering healthy food options for executives, which explains the location. “Our philosophy is to feed the body and the soul without harming animals,” shares Ibarra, whose restaurant operates Monday-Friday from 12:00-3:00 PM feeding 120-150 individuals per day.

Inside Naturalmente

Inside Naturalmente

The meals are generally based on typical Andean and Latin American dishes, and Mr. Ibarra claims this emphasis is a way of reviving the food of this region. Though there are plenty of a la carte options ranging from veggie burgers to versions of paella, the daily menu, at 8,000 Colombian Pesos, is the most popular. One can see ajiaco, campesino soups, different rices, and proteins like seitan and tofu prepared in ways that ensure even the most meat-loving individuals come back for more.

Plantain tulips with caraotas (from Naturalmente fb page)

Plantain tulips with caraotas (from Naturalmente fb page)

Next time, if in the area, don´t forget to check out the green and yellow restaurant on top of the hill, you´ll understand why.

Naturalmente Cocina Sana Cra 6 30A30
Bogotá D.C.
Tel. 232-2664


One thought on “Naturalmente

  1. I was also happy to find this place with my partner. We live about 10 minutes walking distance from there. It is a perfect, affordable vegan eatery to dine at, especially nearby. Omar is a fantastic owner and “cook”, and he’s very helpful!

    ♡ rika, vegan miam
    ★ i travel + i eat vegan blog ★

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