Sabor…a Monsieur Periné

Music has imprinted certain geographical locations, situations, or experiences in the catalogues of my mind; memories remembered with the resonance of different beats. There´s no denying that music can make an integral part of a moment. I don’t know if it happens in other places, but it’s the feeling of hearing a Colombian song out of the country, when the heart strums the tear ducts and nerve endings threaten to push through the skin barrier.

For me it´s been Sigur Rós´ “Starálfur” for Indian train rides, lulling me to sleep as babies cried in the background,  “Home” by Edwarde Sharpe for the roads of Panama & Latin America, Ben Folds Five for walks to school in Germany, & Citizen Cope´s “Sideways”  in Rennes, France. Along with the emotions that come with the sounds of these songs are the people that comprise(d) those points in my life.

All of this gives way to Monsieur Periné, the seven member Colombian band mixing French and Latin American sounds to create a magical fusion that enchants its fans. Sprinkle the catchy songs with a fun wardrobe and a colorful set and it leaves one without excuses to not dance. The band´s first album ‘Hecho a Mano’ (made by hand) is a firm base for a group whose fan base grew through social networks and toques (small concerts). Therein, one hears Catalina Garcia’s powerful voice singing in four languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, and French), who together with Santiago Prieto (strings), Camilo Parra (wind),  Nicolás Junca (guitar), Fabián Peñaranda (base), Miguel Guerra (percussion), Daniel Chebair (drums), explore the sounds of this continent and those of Jean Baptiste ‘Django’ Reinhardt (1910-1953).

Monsieur Periné, a band with big sound and bigger spirit, has become the suin for this Colombian stay.Monsieur Periné


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