Guanábana(eng. Soursop) – Fruit Edition

Colombia is fruit heaven. Argue if you must, but there is a reason why one says it’s possible to have a different fruit for each day of the year. The plethora of fruity flavors makes for a happy palate and exciting visits to the market, tienda, local fruit stands, and fruterias (places that sell fruit salads and juices).  No doubt certain fruit flavors are favored over others and it’s almost impossible for even the most adventurous palate to keep coming back to a few special fruits.



For me, one of these is s guanábana, or soursop  and pawpaw as it’s commonly known in English. This head-sized spiky green fruit opens up to reveal milky-white pulp lined with dark uneatable seeds. Its more common to mix the fruit with water or milk for juices but it wouldn’t be frowned upon to buy a hunk of guanábana to enjoy as a snack. It’s been said that the fruit has cancer-healing properties and can aid with insomnia, among other benefits. I can’t claim getting sleepy post-guanábana consumption, but I do recommend the fruit even if it’s a bit tricky obtaining the fruit outside of the regions where it grows.

Here's a guanábana strawberry juice

Here’s a guanábana strawberry juice


3 thoughts on “Guanábana(eng. Soursop) – Fruit Edition

  1. Did you know that pawpaw grows wild in Indiana? One of Aunt Marlene’s favorite fruits. Years ago there was a tree in the woods behind the farm.

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