Colombia – que linda y bella

My blog hiatus has extended more than I expected, making me loose track of the amount of times I’ve opened the WordPress tab only to leave it brewing with a few written phrases for days until closing it. During the past few months, as my social life seemed to increase I found myself unable to dedicate more time to writing. Solitude is a treasured thing that’s difficult to find in this city and I don’t think Kafka was completely wrong when saying that “writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself.”

I began working a heavier pace post-Semana Santa and enveloped myself in a rhythmic process that connected me between offices and the sidewalks of the city. My feet ingrained with stories heard and faces seen. This, combined with moving into an apartment of happy people and making more friends led me to an epiphany as I danced away my eight-month anniversary in Colombia in a club the size of several small villages. So, submerging myself in work and friends I didn’t pay much attention to how disconnected I became from other things I value. There’s a certain passiveness that I found in embracing entertainment, which is easy to find in this city, without doing much. Unfortunately, this realization was catalyzed by big changes. Mine is that I’m moving again, but hopefully a move that’ll allow me to come back to Bogotá, a city I believe complements my needs and that I don’t tire of exploring.

Flag in San Andrés

What better day to share this than on Independence Day. A day filled with memories from my younger Colombia-days when my grandma would set the flag out on a bed early in the morning and while she ran up and down the stairs looking for things to hang it up with outside, my youngest aunt and I would seize the opportunity to take the flag and use it as a sarong for modeling around the house. An extra holiday to the other 16 for huge family lunches and a break from work. There’s an admiring spirit in Colombia and Colombians of perseverance and heart that continuously reinforces my desire to be here and to come back. Until then, however, I must jet off for a bit.

By Peter Nguyen

By Peter Nguyen


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